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I'm a visual artist and illutrator based in Brazil. Art is all around me and my artistic expression is in constant change. My favorite media is watercolor but recently I fell in love with mixed media - mixing gouache and color pencils with watercolor strokes is so much fun!

One of my biggest passions is nature and it is my main inpiration. Another big passion of mine is teaching and exchanging knowledge. I'm an author, teacher and content creator on social media :)

You can find me on Instagram and YouTube and support me by becoming a Patreon!



"Knowledge is most valuable when shared." This phrase represents what I believe: I love art and I don't want to keep everything I know to myself. In addition to producing exclusive content for my followers and supporters, I share knowledge, experiences, techniques and tips through an e-book, online courses and in-person workshops

Watercolor for Begginers:

Everything I Wish I Knew

This eBook contains all the information you need to take the first steps on the path of painting with watercolors.

There are 6 chapters, where I share my experiences and painting techniques. I present the necessary materials and what precautions we should take so that these materials last longer. Fully illustrated and filled with step-by-step photos, I demonstrate basic painting techniques, color theory and propose some exercises.

available worldwide in english!

Botanical Watercolor: Illustrate the Anatomy of Flowers

Discover the infinite source of inspiration that nature brings and explore the textures, contrasts, colors, and shapes of the botanic world.

In this course, I will guide you through the artistic process of creating an illustration that’s full of life. Learn every step of making a botanical plate, from the anatomic study of plants and flowers to the essential watercolor techniques needed.

available worldwide in portuguese with subtitles

Watercolor for Products:

Sell Your Art

Learn to transform your watercolor illustrations into commercial products and watch your ideas spring to life!

In this course, I will guide you through the my process of creating a product based on a watercolor illustratrion. I'll teach you the basics on watercolor painting, show you how I research and plan my products and share how I optimize my painting process to make the post production easier.

available worldwide in portuguese with subtitles


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.

In my profile you'll find classes about art and painting - specially watercolors! The classes have less than 1hour and are divided in small modules so you can take it one step at a time!

Videos in english & portuguese. 


I help students to dive deeper into the watercolor world through in person classes and short courses! I have taught for more than 50 students in Brazil and Europe.

New dates coming soon. Join my newsletter and keep an eye on my social media to get updates!


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